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North-West Capital

Since 2013 we have been working in tourism industry all over the world. Organizing MICE events, participation in work-shops and exhibitions, festivals and sport events. Our employees are high qualified and have huge experience in MICE events – more than 20 years. Also We have leisure and medical tourism department.

Our department is working with MICE and Travel. We organize over than 100 events per year all over Russia, and around 30-40 events per year abroad (all over the world). Our events such as exhibitions, conferences, team buildings, festivals and sport events. Also we work with individual. Leisure, VIP tours, Excursions, adventure.
• business tourism
• organization of presentations, conferences, seminars
• organization of participation in exhibitions (registration, providing of places (stands) etc)
• organization of advertising actions
• organization of meetings with business partners
• accommodation in hotels of any category (from economy to VIP segment)
• air and railway tickets
• group and individual tours
• VIP tours
• transfers
• organization of tours connected with education abroad, hunting, mountain skiing, diving and medical treatment

Moskovskiy prospekt, 184
Russia 196105

Saint-Petersburg 007 (812) 365-68-88, +7 967 537 10 59
nwc@nwbridges.com, post@nordmice.ru